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5 Garage Door Safety Tips

When it comes to garage doors, it’s important to remember the rule: safety first. Many accidents can be avoided by taking a few precautions ahead of time.

Regular testing and maintenance, as well as avoiding contact with the door while it is opening and closing are essential for accident prevention.

Here is a list of five valuable tips; simple ways to help prevent garage door accidents.

  1. Test your door periodically to ensure that it opens and closes properly. Ideally this should be done monthly. Test that the reverse mechanism is working properly. This helps to ensure that the door will reverse of something becomes caught underneath it. This simple test involves placing a paper towel roll underneath of the door and closing it. If the door is working properly, it should retract quickly once it touches the paper towels. If it doesn’t reverse, or if it delays in reversing, you should have it repaired.

  2. Visually inspect the door and components at least twice per year, and have your door professionally inspected annually. Look for signs of wear in the cables, rollers, springs and pulleys. Never try to replace the springs yourself, as they are under tension and can be dangerous to replace on your own.

  3. Maintenance plays an important part in garage door safety. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of the components and even the door itself. A properly maintained door has less chance to malfunction, is more likely to operate safely. You can do basic maintenance yourself, such as oiling or greasing metal rollers and pulleys. However, replacing parts such as springs is dangerous and we recommend hiring a professional for this.

  4. The best way to keep children safe around garage doors is to teach them about safety. Teach children not to play around the garage door when it is opening. Never let children play with the garage door opener. Garage doors and door openers are not toys, and should not be handled by children. Small hands can get pinched between the door sections, so always ensure that children are kept clear of the door when it is in operation.

  5. Consult the owner’s manual. A quick read through of the manual is another important safety measure. Ensure that you know how to operate the door’s emergency release mechanism. During an emergency, no one has time to consult a manual, so be sure have a look at it ahead of time.

These five steps can drastically reduce the chances of a garage door accident, and can help ensure that your door is operating as safely and smoothly as possible.