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A Guide to DIY Garage Door Maintenance

No matter what time of year it is, homeowners need to make sure that their garage door is always in good working condition. A door like this, whether is made from steel or from wood, will always need a little bit of looking after, and this kind of maintenance can help to keep costly emergency repair bills down. There are many things people can do themselves to keep their garage doors in great shape, from painting to cleaning the tracks to replacing old or rotting trim. Maintenance such as this will keep any door looking and working like new and save any homeowners money, something that everyone is looking to do these days.

One thing people can do to maintain their wooden garage doors is to paint or stain them every year to protect them from the elements. This is especially important if the garage door faces the road because it will both protect the door from debris and gravel tossed up by passing cars and so it will not be an eyesore for the neighborhood. Those living in regions with lots of rain, snow, and ice will also notice their wooden doors lasting longer when they are stained, and this type of garage door maintenance is very simply to do on one’s own.

Another thing people can do on their own to keep their garage doors in good working condition is to keep the tracks clean. In many cases, the tracks can be kept from rusting to the garage floor by trimming the ends about a half inch with a hacksaw or reciprocating saw, cleaning the rust off the remaining ends with paint thinner, and then sealing it with a rustproof agent (many of which can be bought right at the local gas station). This will prevent more rust from forming and will allow the door to rise easier.

Finally, homeowners can do their own garage door maintenance by replacing old, cracking, or rotting trim. One great replacement for the wood and brick trim is durable vinyl trim. This trim won’t rot, and it is easy to install. It is also inexpensive, with most home repair stores having it in stock for less than four dollars per foot. Simply pry off the old trim and wooden jam with a crowbar and then nail on the new trim. DIY garage door repair is a cinch for any homeowner and will prevent costly repair bills in the future.