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Choosing an Eco-friendly Garage Door

Choosing a new garage door is an important decision that can have a big impact on the value of your home. It makes sense to select a garage door based on the style, type of materials and level of maintenance required. However, there is another aspect of choosing a garage door that is growing in popularity: choosing a door that is environmentally friendly.

An eco-friendly door not only allows you to feel good about the choices you make that have a direct impact on the environment; it also has the potential to boost your home’s value should you ever sell it. Many consumers today are concerned about the environment, and a house that has an eco-friendly garage door can add bonus points to its selling value for some people.

So what kinds of things should you look for, when choosing an eco-friendly door?

Materials used in the Door
Wood doors are a green option, as wood is a renewable product. Wood composite doors are another eco-friendly option, as these are made with both renewable and recycled components. You can buy doors that are made with 100 percent recycled wood fibers. If you are in the market for a steel door, check to see if you can find a steel door that is made with recycled materials. Many steel doors are made with recycled materials. Amarr doors use as much as 90 percent recycled material in their steel doors.

Energy Efficiency
Another way to choose an eco-friendly door is to purchase a door that is well insulated. Energy efficiency is one way of being environmentally conscious, plus it helps you save on your monthly energy bills.

The type of paint or finish that a garage door has can also have an impact on the environment. Some manufacturers are taking steps to use environmentally responsible processes when applying paint to their garage doors.

Of course, when disposing of your old garage door, you have the option of using various recycling centers or scrap metal purchasers. Disposing of your old door properly and taking steps to purchase an environmentally friendly garage door are all small steps that can be taken to help prevent unnecessary damage to the environment.