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Common Garage Door Problems in Nashville TN

The garage door is the largest door in any home and one of the most frequently used. This makes it susceptible to problems. The most common Nashville garage door problems homeowners experience involve the door itself or the garage door opener.

To ensure your garage door is working as it should all the time, and ensure the security of your property, inspecting the garage door regularly is necessary. You can follow the manual or have a professional Nashville garage door service inspect the garage door and perform any necessary repairs before they cause major problems.

Here are some of the most common garage door problems and their causes.

Problems closing or opening the garage door

If the door fails to close when you push the button or closes slowly, check the sensors for misalignment, blocking objects or defects. Broken springs cause strain on the garage door opener and causes the garage door to open slowly while maladjusted springs may make it difficult for the door to remain open.

The garage door closes and opens on its own

Shorts in the wires connected to the wall button may cause this problem. If the opener operates on its own without someone activating it, ensure there are no sticky buttons on the remote and wall control. You may have to reprogram the remote control memory.

The Garage Door Closes Partly Then Reverses

The garage door refuses to close completely when there are broken cables, dry rollers, damaged or misaligned sensors, objects blocking the sensors view, bent tracks or hinges, damaged pulleys or extension springs. This may also happen due to an issue with the circuit board or problems with the close force settings.

Damaged logic board

This is caused by a power surge or a lightning strike. The best way to prevent this problem is to have a surge protector specifically designed for garage doors openers and powerful enough to protect against lightning strikes.

Unresponsive wall control

The garage door opener fails to operate from the wall control because of a damaged or faulty circuit breaker or faulty wiring that interferes with the insulation.

The garage door closes but will not open

If this happens when using the garage door opener, it is because of faulty wiring on the Open Limit Switch or wrong open force settings that you can correct by following the instructions in the manual.

The garage door only opens halfway

The garage door refusing to open completely means the moving parts need lubrication or the wiring for the Open Limit Switch is faulty or the open force setting is not correct.

The Garage Doors Produces Some Sound or Is Noisy During Operation

When the door makes a loud bang and then stops working, this is due to a broken spring. A popping sound when operating the door is due to worn out rollers. A scraping sound results from a tilted bearing plate, broken cable, damaged extension springs or misaligned reinforcing strut. Squeaking sounds result from dry rollers, hinges and bearings.

The Garage Door Refuses to Open yet The Opener Is Working

This occurs when the carriage is not connected to the drive or when the open and close settings are not correct. If the remote control only works at short range, replace the battery or reposition the remote and antenna.

Jammed Garage Door

The garage door jams because of broken cables, bent track or worn out extension springs

The Garage Door Does Not Operate Smoothly

Worn pulleys or other problems with the door or opener cause the garage door to bounce when opening, struggle to operate and ride in a rough manner. These are the most common Nashville garage door problems that homeowners encounter with their garage doors. They are also the most common problems that garage door specialists receive calls to fix.

While you can fix some of the minor garage door problems if you have the skills and safety gear, it is always safer to call a professional garage door specialist in Nashville to diagnose and fix the problem.

Operating a problematic garage door or do it yourself garage door repair is a safety hazard for you and other members of your family. Most of these problems only require minor adjustments and it is possible to get the problem repaired quickly and at an affordable price by a professional garage door service.