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How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power is Out?

During a storm or a power outage, you might need to get your vehicle into your garage or out of it. You might think that you’re out of luck since there is no power to operate your garage door opener, but does not worry; the makers of garage doors have included a way to bypass electricity and open your garage door without the assistance of electricity. In most cases you will need access to the inside of your garage in order for this method to work as you will need to access part of the garage door opener. As a result, if you have a detached garage, make sure that you have a key to the side or rear door so that you can get inside of the garage.

If you look at your garage door opener and the surrounding area, there should be a cord hanging from the top of the garage door opener mechanism. This cord is sometimes known as the garage door emergency release cord. This is what will allow you to open your garage door without the assistance of electricity and the garage door opener. Simply pull this cord down, and the rest is an extremely simple process.

Once you have pulled the cord down, you will be able to freely operate your garage door by yourself. Most garage doors will have a handle on the inside or the outside of it, so if yours does, simply grab this handle and pull your garage door open or closed, depending on what you are trying to do. If you do not have a handle on your garage door, simply grab a part of the garage door that is safely away from the garage door tracks and is secure to the door securely.