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Why you should replace both garage door torsion springs

When a garage door torsion spring breaks in your garage, you have two options: replace both garage door springs, or lose time and money to service calls in the future.

Garage door torsion springs often work in pairs to provide enough force and support to move your garage door. These springs work directly against the weight of the door to make it easy to operate, which means that they are susceptible to fatigue and breakage at any time.

Most springs are made to move the garage door without a push or pull force. Manufacturers understand that as long as your garage door is running smoothly then there won’t be any problems. But in the case of wear and tear, the garage door might become heavier and apply more strain on the springs, which could cause problems for your garage door opener.

Damaged garage door springs

A damaged garage door spring ceases to hold up its proper amount of weight after a while, which leaves the other spring to an even higher chance of fatigue.

Replacing or repairing the broken spring alone won’t fix the problem, but might actually make things worse! The garage door itself will still be heavy, and the fatigued spring will mean that the automatic opener will still be working in overdrive to keep your garage door moving. Resetting the torsion system won’t help either; it will only resettle the weight on your worn out spring.

Eventually your worn out spring will give out, and you’ll have to place yet another call into your service professional, which could mean wasting more time and money that you may not have! When replacing your damaged spring, have your repair expert check the second torsion spring. More likely than not, they will tell you that it too needs to be repaired, due to fatigue.

Less expensive to change both springs

In the long run, it’ll actually be easier and less expensive for you to repair or replace the two springs in one trip. Sometimes repair services will have deals set up to repair both torsion springs, instead of just one spring. Ask your repairman if such a deal is available. In Houston and surrounding areas, we offer such deals.

Over time, repairing your garage door spring simultaneously will be the best option for keeping your garage running efficiently and safely.

Keeping an eye on your springs and checking for damage (rust, scratches, dents, etc) throughout the months will also protect other components of your garage door, like your bearings and garage door opener. It’s a win-win all around!