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Spring Maintenance on Your Garage Door

Spring maintenance is a great way to help prolong the life of your garage door. It also helps to ensure that the garage door is still operating smoothly.

It is recommended that you inspect your garage door monthly, and do routine maintenance at least twice per year. A few simple maintenance jobs can save you from having to replace expensive parts.

Spring is a great time to clean and lubricate all metal rollers, hinges, roller tracks, and latches. Clear out any debris that may have collected on the door’s components over the winter, and lubricate them with WD-40. Anything on the door that is metal and that moves should be lubricated. Oil the springs, and make sure all components are rust free and still in good condition. Avoid lubricating plastic components.

The cables should be checked to ensure they aren’t frayed or damaged in any way. Damaged cables can be dangerous and should be visually inspected yearly. Do not touch any frayed cables. If you notice cable damage, call a professional for repairs and replacement.

Inspect the roller track rails for dents or slight bends. Try using a rubber mallet to hammer out small imperfections. If the garage door doesn’t travel smoothly up the tracks, the rail may be damaged and may need to be replaced.

Check the weather stripping along the sides of the door for cracks or rips. Replace as needed. Faulty weather stripping can lead to leaks in or around the garage, and could eventually lead to water damage.

Every spring, the garage door should be inspected for chipping paint, or to see if it needs a fresh coat of sealant. Touching up the paint or sealant can prevent paint from chipping away further, and water sealant can prevent wood rot.

A professional inspection should be done at least once per year, and major work such as spring replacements should be left to the professionals. Remember a little maintenance can save a lot of money in the long run. Putting spring maintenance on the calendar is a great way to remember it, and helps ensure that it isn’t forgotten.