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Tips For Cleaning Your Garage Door

Garage door is not only an expensive fixture in your house but also integral to your security at home and the entire insulation system. Hence, while cleaning your garage door a lot has to be borne in mind. Regular cleaning of garage door is not very essential and doing it twice a year should work well enough unless you stay in a storm prone area and a lot of dirt and debris buildup compels you to clean your garage door more often. The other occasion when you might have to clean it is after you do some garage door repair.

Cleaning your garage door has three stages. The first would be to get rid of all the dust, dirt, mud and paint or graffiti if any. Second would be to retain the original cleanliness and texture of the material’s surface. The last stage would involve administering any protective treatment to the garage door so it resists dirt or debris buildup. The last stage is more for the aesthetics of the garage door than utility. At the end of the day a more attractive garage door would only add more curb appeal and make your home look great.

  • To clean normal dust, dirt or rain water from the garage door, all you need is a broom or hard brush, a garden hose with connection to warm water, a cleaner which can be the detergent you use at home or a herbal cleaning solution which is a better alternative and a sponge or soft towel to scrub.
  • First you should get rid of as much debris and dirt as possible using the broom or the brush.
  • Spray the garage door with warm water from the garden hose which should take away with it a lot of unwanted debris and marks.
  • Mix the detergent or the cleaning agent in a bucket of warm water and soak a sponge in it.
  • Use the sponge or a soft big towel to scrub the surface of the garage door. Do not scrub randomly. Scrubbing it downwards from top in uniform, soft and steady motion should do the trick. Do not use any pointed or scraping object to clean it which may damage the surface of the garage door.
  • Wash the door again with the warm water sprayed from the garden hose and allow it to dry on its own.
  • Using a protective layering of car wax or other products can be effective in retaining the clean sheen for a longer period of time.

    • To clean paint and graffiti, you will have to use sandpapers and paint scrapers after the initial brushing treatment and before using the cleaning solution.