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Ways to Secure Your Garage Door

The garage door is a crucial entry point to your home and as a result, a security factor if not secured. The garage contains valuable property and offers easy access to the rest of your home.

Garage doors and garage door openers manufacturers include some security features but it is wise to take additional steps to secure your garage door to ensure the highest level of security.

Here is how to secure garage doors in Nashville.

Install Mechanical Locks

Use high quality locks and padlocks in addition to the electronic security measures to secure your garage door. Use locks designed specifically for garages since these have expandable security bolts. The best product to secure your garage door is the Garage Defender. You can go for the Red Garage Defender that features an armored padlock hidden or the Black Garage Defender with front mounting and an exposed padlock. Consult a Nashville garage door expert to advice you on the best option for your needs.

Secure the Garage Door Opener

Choose a modern door opener that changes the codes every time the door opens and has the ability to filter out stray signals from nearby garage door openers belonging to neighbors. Change the code after you move to a new home and change the factory settings for new openers. Secure the automatic door release by removing the emergency pull cord and put the cord in a safe and easy to access place for you. Always keep the door opener remote control in a safe location.

Motion Detector Lights

Install lighting above garage doors as a security measure. The best light should turn on when someone approaches to scare away potential intruders.

Add Alarm System

Install an alarm system for your garage. There are varieties of alarm systems starting from simple and affordable to sophisticated systems. A wireless alarm system gives you the ability to control the entry and exit points.

Keep the Garage Door locked when not in use

Most people secure their garage door but forget to lock it giving thieves easy access. Always ensure that your garage door is closed and locked when not in use. Also secure the adjoining door that leads from the garage to the main house.

Install a new garage door opener

This is perhaps one of the best ways to secure your garage door. Newer garage door opener come with advanced security features and internet connectivity that are not available in older models. With internet connection, it is easy to confirm that your garage door is locked and secure. Also newer garage doors and garage door openers will alert homeowners when the door is open or unsecured.

Consult a Nashville garage door expert of your choice. You can also consult Nashville garage doors service companies on other security measures you can take to secure your garage door and improve the security of your home.