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What do you do if your wooden garage door has rot damage?

Wooden garage doors are among some of the more popular garage door types in the Nashville TN market today. They are beautifully designed and provide practical and functional support so that the garage is securely locked to keep possessions safe yet is functional to allow ease of entry into the garage. Wooden garage doors are normally made from quality hardwood and softwood timber such as oak. They are finely finished and look very attractive on the front of the garage. However, in some instance, a wooden garage door may rot due to any of a number of reasons. This may necessitate a garage door repair so as to ensure the doors operate as desired.

When fixing rotten wooden doors such as garage doors, there are different approaches that need to be undertaken. These steps will depend on the particular type of damage that has occurred. Before the wooden doors even experience any damage, it is important to protect them by painting and sealing them adequately. Sealing and painting the garage doors is critical in preventing rotting while also improving the appearance of the doors. However, when the wooden garage doors become rotten then a different approach will become necessary to determine the most appropriate form of garage door repair.

When wooden doors are exposed to air or water, they will tend to rot with time, especially if regular maintenance is not carried out. The door may result in rotten bits, holes and rotten wood sections. In conducting good quality garage door repair, it would advisable to replace any wooden panels. Sometimes it may be possible to saw off the rotten part and replace it, especially if the wood is thick enough. However, on most modern wooden garage doors, it would be much easier to replace an entire panel. A good service provider or repair and maintenance firm can provide these services to homeowners who need these repair services.

Sometimes it may be advisable to replace the entire door. While this may be possible, it is nor always necessary and could be a costly affair. It is much easier and cheaper to replace an entire panel and then have it painted. It is also advisable to conduct regular maintenance. This is by cleaning the doors of any grime or dirt and repainting new coats occasionally. It is always advisable to consult the local garage door repair firms for reliable advice.