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Wood vs Steel Garage Doors

If you have been considering having a garage built on your property, then you have probably considered what kind of garage door you should choose to install. The two most common kinds are steel and wood, but which is better overall for your new garage? While opinions vary due to style and taste, there are many pros and cons to each, and two of the biggest factors are location and how often you’re willing to maintain it. Durability is often an issue as well, but before you choose, you should understand the pros and cons of each so that you save both time and money down the road.

Many people choose a wood garage door for their unique beauty and style and because they add value to the existing structure. These doors can be stained or have scrollwork carved into them to make them even more attractive, and staining them can seal the wood to make them last longer. While a lot of homeowners enjoy the look and feel of natural wood, as well as how each door has its own look once it is stained, these doors do take a lot more care and general maintenance than their steel counterparts. Garages with wooden doors that are placed close to the road are also much more prone to damage from the elements and becoming chipped by stones and gravel. In addition, garage doors that face the road will have to be painted and/or stained yearly to keep them from cracking or rotting. However, many people feel that their beauty is well worth it.

For the homeowner who is looking for a door that will last a long time with minimal care, a steel garage door is no doubt the best option. These garage doors require no sealing or painting, and they withstand the elements year after year. While steel doors can be dented or scratched, having them repaired doesn’t cost as much as it would to repair a wooden door, as dents cannot be hammered out of wood. Steel garage doors also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match any home, whether it is older or a modern model. These doors can also be ordered as custom jobs in order to beautify the property. No matter what you choose, your garage door should reflect the pride you feel for your home, as well as your own unique taste.